Why ‘Sustainable Enquiry’?

Enquiry: refers to the Deweyan idea that the process of Enquiry forms the basis of learning.

Philosophy for Children, Colleges and Communities, (P4C) provides a model of this approach and is an excellent grounding for people of all ages and situations. My interest is in exploring connections with enquiry-based learning across disciplines and contexts. The material posted under the tab ‘P4C and mathematics’ explores one such connection. ‘Collaborative Enquiry’, a further tab in this website, will contain further discussion of wider applications of enquiry-based approaches.

Sustainable: refers to the need for enquiry-based approaches to form the primary basis for learning and not simply ‘add-on’ or ‘enrichment’ activities.

It would be unwise to claim that all learning involves enquiry, but the question is whether enquiry could and should be the default mode when learning opportunities are designed? other learning activities being tailored to fill ‘gaps’.

‘Sustainability’ within enquiry, invokes the need to operate in a way that maintains ecological and social balance, taking account of rights and responsibilities. Hence the aim of investigating learning as enquiry for all; ages, cultures, backgrounds.

Needless to say this website is, itself, an enquiry, open to revision, amendment and aimed at stimulating dialogue!