Consultancy on the Teaching and learning of mathematics

I have extensive experience as a teacher, advisory teacher and adviser for mathematics. I am particularly interested in assisting learners to develop their conceptual base in the subject through careful diagnosis of misconceptions and provision of appropriate activities to address these. Such activities are often of a collaborative, problem-solving nature since I find that this provision builds a solid, internalised understanding which can be enhanced and expanded over time. This is in contrast to more temporal, rule-based competence which is limited to a particular context. I am experienced in working with schools to put these ideas into practice through professional development for teachers and in-class support.

I draw on diagnostic approaches including First Steps maths, Cognitive Acceleration in Maths Education (CAME) and a range of other problem-solving resources. I apply the key effective learning principles of detailed feedback, peer and self-assessment and immersion in the language of the subject. Mathematical problem solving provides an ideal context for the development of higher-order thinking skills which I believe are important for and accessible to all students if the activities are engaging and pitched at a level appropriate to the students’ prior attainment.


I run courses in P4C and Mathematics. Please see the tab ‘P4C and mathematics’ for more details.