General training


I am a SAPERE trainer for levels 1 and 2 of the P4C training pathway and have trained in both primary and secondary sectors. I support a number of schools in their work to achieve the Gold award. I have written and subsequently delivered a day course on P4C and mathematics which is described more fully elsewhere in this website. I am also building related facilitation techniques which complement those of P4C.


• Training, coaching and mentoring of philosophy for children including SAPERE level 1and level 2 training, in-class support, staff meetings and support for the achievement of the SAPERE Gold award. (more information about the ‘Going for Gold’ award can be found on the SAPERE website:

• Establishment of action research projects and professional learning communities.
• Advice and support for work on enrichment projects, thinking skills across the curriculum, work with philosophy clubs, more able pupils.
• Initiation of and support for projects to promote enquiry into sustainable development and global citizenship.
• Support for projects which use communities of enquiry to raise self-esteem and confidence, boost literacy and communication skills with pupils of all abilities.
• Support for projects to raise achievement in numeracy, problem solving and thinking skills.


• Establishing and supporting communities of enquiry with young people and adults aimed enabling groups to examine their underlying assumptions and values leading to better collaborative interaction and decision making.
• Developing patterns of reflective practice and action research in already established community groups.
• Supporting the development of collaborative group work aimed at promoting community resilience. (including the use of facilitation techniques such as Open-space Technology, World Café, Scenario Thinking and Dynamic Facilitation alongside those of Philosophy for Communities)
• Supporting Transition Town and permaculture initiatives through the development of collaborative enquiry techniques.