Mathematical reasoning, thinking skills and problem solving in maths

I specialise in work with schools, teachers and learners on developing their conceptual base for the subject and their mathematical problem-solving skills. My particular interest is in working with junior age and KS3 learners. This work applies directly to developing the mathematical and numerical reasoning strands in the Welsh and English National Curricula.

I draw upon a range of resources including ‘Let’s Think Through Maths’, extending these activities to increase learners’ reflection on the practical implications of the solutions they arrive at.

My belief is that it is important to move beyond the purely technical and instrumental application of mathematics in order to fully engage learners and empower them to become competent world citizens.

Part of this work involves using Communities of Enquiry to extend, expand and connect mathematical concepts within practical contexts.

Further details of my P4C and Mathematics course can be seen elsewhere in this website (see main tab on home page)

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