P4C and Mathematics

Learning Mathematics and practising P4C: Towards complementary social practices

The sections below form part of the background for a day course for teachers aimed at increasing their ability to utilise the skills and dispositions developed in their P4C communities of enquiry in mathematics lessons. The work is in response to the increasing number of schools who want to expand their P4C practice to include all subject areas.

I argue that there are extensive links between enquiry in P4C and in mathematics, that learning to be competent in mathematics is a matter of developing deep understanding through question forming, dialogue and reflection.

Part 1: Exploring what mathematics is and general issues about learning and teaching.

I explore the nature of mathematics and how learning in mathematics can beat be promoted.

maths p1 v6

Part 2: Drawing Comparisons between learning mathematics and P4C practice.

Detailed comparisons are made between P4C and communities of mathematical enquiry


Part 3: A mathematical curriculum to complement P4C practice.

I explore ways in which a maths curriculum can be organised within a P4C-rich school.

maths pt 3 v5

Part 4: References, maths and P4C.

References to good sources of activities and ideas.

Part 4 P4C and Maths references v6

Part 5: Some activities for P4C and Mathematics across the age range.

Pt 5 v 2 Maths:P4C activities

The ideas and activities in these sections are aimed at stimulating discussion and practical trial.  Hence the work is in draft and skeleton form.


A powerpoint to introduce the above ideas in a workshop

Maths, P4C, workshop v5.2