Publications and Presentations

Conferences and publications

Unpublished Dissertations:

‘Does Justice as Fairness provide the grounding for an adequate account of stability in a multicultural. Liberal democracy?’ Unpublished dissertation for MA in philosophy, Open University, Aug 2012.

‘An Exploration of the Potential of Complexity Theory for Addressing the Limitations of Current Models of Change and Innovation in Educational Practice.’ Unpublished Doctoral Thesis, Institute of Education, University of London, Jan 2004.

‘Measuring the Effectiveness of Advisory Teams in a Time of change for Local Education Authorities.’ Unpublished Institution Focused Study, as part of requirements for EdD, London University, Institute of Education, January 2001.

‘Reading Graphs: A study of children’s understanding in a graphical microworld’ Unpublished MA dissertation, Institute of Education, University of London, July 1991.


International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children.

Paper to be given at ICPIC 2013 in Cape Town (August 2013). ‘Using Complexity Theory to explore a Community of Philosophical Enquiry: Implications for facilitation and research.’

British Education Research Association

‘Summarising an Investigation into Methods of Evaluating the Effectiveness of Advisory Work in a South Wales LEA (Towrds a Self-reviewing LEA)’
Cardiff University Sept 2000

‘Learning Episodes and their use in school improvement.’ Notes for a symposium on Complexity Theory and Education at British Education Research Association conference, University of Leeds, September 2001.

‘Does Complexity Theory Have relevance for the Study of Schools?’
Exeter University, Sept 2002.

‘Complexity Theory and School Improvement: some possible connections.’
Edinburgh University: Sept 2003

International Congress of Schools Effectiveness and School Improvement

‘Evaluating Adviser Effectiveness.’
Toronto, Jan 2001

‘Using learning Episodes as a means of increasing the participation of pupils, teachers and Local education Advisers in School Improvement.’
Copenhagen, Jan 2002

Papers presented at other seminars and workshops

‘P4C, Democracy and Collective Cognition’ notes and links for the presentation at the Fifth Advanced Philosophy for Children, Winchester University, June 2014.

The Man with the Blue Guitar – notes

‘Community of Enquiry: We know it’s complicated but did we know it’s a Complex Learning System?’ Fourth Advanced Philosophy for Children seminar, Winchester University, July 2012.

‘Community of Enquiry and the Importance of Identity’. Third Advanced Philosophy for Children seminar, Winchester University, July 2011.

‘Deliberative Democracy and Sustainable Design: Why should these be central to a school curriculum for the twenty first century?’ IOE conference 19th and 20th November 2010 ‘Education and Citizenship in a Globalising World’

‘Putting learning First: An Education Adviser’s Approach to Supporting Staff and School Development.’ A workshop given at the CELSI and British Council Conference, Leading learning: What’s the evidence? London 23 to 29 June 2002.


‘Exploring the Evaluation of Adviser Effectiveness.’ Pp33 to 43
Goldsmiths Journal of Education; Vol 4 number 2 May 2002

‘Talking Mathematically.’
Teaching Thinking and Creativity vol 8:4, issue 25, 2008

‘Mythic and Heroic Imaginations and how to use them in teaching: The ideas of Keiran Egan.’ Teaching Thinking and Creativity vol 8:5, issue 26, 2008

‘Why Philosophy and Mathematics walk hand in hand’. In Creative Teaching and Learning vol. 6.4 and 7.1 Autumn 2016.

Book Chapter:

Cunningham, R. and Smith, J 2012. ‘P4C in Mathematics’. In Lewis, L. and Chandley, N. (eds) Philosophy for Children Though the Secondary Curriculum. London: Continuum.

power point presentation for Cape Town Conference

Cape Town 2013 c

Cape Town Paper     New Paradigm v6