I utilize community of enquiry techniques and collaborative group work developed within the movement for greater ecological sustainability. These techniques emphasise collaboration to build understanding based on effective dialogue, reason and reasonableness. I am also building related facilitation techniques which complement those of P4C.


• Training, coaching and mentoring of philosophy for children including SAPERE level 1 training, in-class support, staff meetings and support for the achievement of P4C kite-marks.
• Establishment of action research projects and professional learning communities.
• Advice and support for work on enrichment projects, thinking skills across the curriculum, work with philosophy clubs, more able pupils.
• Initiation of and support for projects to promote enquiry into sustainable development and global citizenship.
• Support for projects which use communities of enquiry to raise self-esteem and confidence, boost literacy and communication skills with pupils of all abilities.
• Support for projects to raise achievement in numeracy, problem solving and thinking skills.


• Establishing and supporting communities of enquiry with young people and adults aimed enabling groups to examine their underlying assumptions and values leading to better collaborative interaction and decision making.
• Developing patterns of reflective practice and action research in already established community groups.
• Supporting the development of collaborative group work aimed at promoting community resilience. (including the use of facilitation techniques such as Open-space Technology, World Café, Scenario Thinking and Dynamic Facilitation alongside those of Philosophy for Communities)
• Supporting Transition Town and permaculture initiatives through the development of collaborative enquiry techniques.